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          Kino and his family live in the fishing village. Kino looks for pearls to support his family. Kino and his people are treated with disrespect especially by the rich. Kino feels humiliated and he is troubled. He is determined to find a solution to all the problems that he and his family face. He dives to search for a pearl that would reshape his life and that of his family. Luck is on his side. The answer to his miseries is found. Kino finds the greatest pearl in the world. He starts to see hope in his life and dreams of starting life all over with his new found treasure. But, the pearl brings him and his family only more misfortune and miseries!

          Kino and Juana find themselves at the crossroads of life and they are hunted by people with greedy ambitions and evil minds. The pearl has brought out the worst in man! Kino and Juana are on the run to escape evil. The pearl is now the root of their entire problem. Kino needs to make up his mind whether to keep the pearl or get rid of it for good. He makes up his mind and throws the pearl back into the sea. Kino loses everything, his home, his only son and hope. Kino's dreams are shattered and the pearl is no longer with him. He and Juana must face the realities of life.

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