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Characters in the Novel


- The head of his family
- Juana’s husband
- Coyotito’s father
- Simple person ( lives the life of an ordinary fisher and pearl-diver)
- No formal education (possesses knowledge of the world; good swimmer and diver, knows the environment well, able to single out poisonous trees and trees that bring misfortunes).
- Intuitive/ instinctive (has a sense of feeling of good, evil and mystics)
- Firm believer of God (religious), respects the church and priest
- Protective, caring, contented with life, forward-looking (visionary)
- Enduring, strong, focused, brave, honest, hopeful, determined, diligent
- Suspicious, secretive, rebellious, hard-headed, confused, disillusioned, emotional, impatient    


- Faithful and obedient wife, homemaker,
- Helpful, responsible, warm, loving and caring, hardworking, brave, thoughtful
- Does not complain,  supportive, respectful, sincere, patient, brave, consoling
- Selfless (Does not worry of own health and safety when she sucks scorpion’s poison from Coyotito’s shoulder).
- Knowledgeable in ancient magic, and herbal medication
- Assertive of situations
- Accepts husband as head of the family and follows instructions
- Intuitive and senses evil in the pearl ( forewarns Kino)
- Defies Kino and attempts to throw pearl into the sea.
- Innocent and forgiving
- Religious and God-fearing
- Source of strength to Kino


- Kino’s and Juana’s baby boy
- Suffers a great deal throughout the story
- Source of hope for Kino and Juana
- Innocent
- Killed accidentally
- The bond between Kino and Juana


Juan Tomas
- Kino’s elder brother
- Acts as adviser to Kino
- Helpful, tolerant and wise
- Religious and always reminds Kino to be extra careful
- Supportive of his brother, Kino
- Responsible, protective, assertive, resourceful

Juan Tomas

- Juan Tomas’ wife
- Helpful, tolerant, responsible, caring, understanding, emotional
- Supportive of her husband and Kino’s family


The Doctor
- Educated, knowledgeable
- Selfish, irresponsible, cunning, self-centred, greedy, inconsiderate
- Materialistic, has his own ulterior motive to treat Coyotito

The Doctor

The Priest
- Knowledgeable in religious matters, spiritual adviser and leader
- Cunning, has ulterior motive when visiting Kino
- Reminds Kino to be generous and charitable towards the Church

The Priest

The Pearl Buyers
- Pearl traders in La Paz
- Conspirators ( cheat Kino by telling him that his pearl is worthless and offer low prices)
- Materialistic, selfish, greedy, cunning, insincere, crooks

The Pearl Buyers

The Trackers 
- Inland hunters, cold-blooded murderers
- Hunt Kino and his family (for money)
- Skilful trackers (they can track people or animal by examining tracks, marks, or other clues)
- Dangerous, cunning

The Trackers

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