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Welcome to the Literature Component for Secondary Schools On-line Website. This website is specifically conceptualised, designed, developed and packaged as an on-line resource for Malaysian students studying in Form One to Form Five.

The contents offered in this on-line literature component website are based on the Malaysian curriculum and syllabus for English Language for secondary schools. Thus, the contents are text-based with reference to the poems, short stories and novels used in the present English Language Classroom in Malaysia for the literature component. This on-line educational resource is developed to help teachers, students and parents deal with the literature component in the English Language Programme for Secondary Schools. It will be helpful for students to prepare for important public examinations and at the same time provide necessary instructional supports to teachers and parents to strategise on learner-achievements. It also reinforces and enhances learners’ critical and creative thinking skills. Summaries and synopses are provided with specific information and details for the short stories and novels in this on-line package. The contents provide a larger picture into workings of literary elements, and how poets and writers actually use them to get meanings across to the readers or audience. Thus, learners can study the works of the poets and writers in meaningful ways and make connections with the many rich experiences that are available in the literary texts.

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