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Instructing learners on literature component requires bringing the learners into a whole new world: A world of imagination and reality. This on-line educational resource package provides teachers with specific task-based materials to develop active learning. This on-line educational resource package is based on newer learning dimensions with an ICT-base. The contents and instructional designs, are largely developed based on cognitivist and constructivist approaches, which facilitate teaching and learning to take place in meaningful and contextualised settings, enhance reinforcement, and motivate learners to be goal-oriented. This package provides ample practice for learners to develop specific comprehension and writing skills. It also emphasises on developing higher order thinking skills, to get learners be critical and creative.

As ICT-skills are important in today’s globalised world, this package provides for the development of information processing and management skills. There are Flash-based interactive activities that make learning fun-filled, challenging and motivating. The activities enhance learners’ language development, especially the glossary segments that are available throughout this on-line package.  Teachers can get the learners to do the activities on-line or as a post-instruction activity. The activity segments are in the Adobe PDF format with on-line support facilities. Learners can print the activity sheets from the respective activity segments. Teachers can utilise this package to instruct learners on the various literary aspects such as setting, plot, character, themes, and representational language. Thus, it acts an instructional package for classroom teaching on a complementary and supplementary basis. Thus, it makes the world of cyber and the world of classroom to be connected as a meaningful teaching and learning environment, with a magnitude of instructional possibilities.

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