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English Online Learning

Based on popular Cambridge series Language In Use , this all-in-one language course is designed to make language learning straightforward, attractive and effective.

The complete course consists of :

  • Cambridge English Beginner
  • Cambridge English Pre-Intermediate
  • Cambridge English Intermediate

24/7 English is available as:

  • a self-study version network version for local networks an online course (delivered within the framework of LEO or as software to be implemented on AICC/SCORM compliant third-party learning management systems.)

How it is used?

  • Teaching Tool
    • This product can be used as a teaching tool in a classroom or in a lab. Teachers can project this software in the room and use it as a tool to deliver the goal (or part of the goal) of a lesson.
  • Self-study
    • Students can use this product as a self-paced learning resource where they can select the lessons that they want to learn at anytime, anywhere.
  • Blended learning
    • This product can be used as a part of a normal classroom lesson, where the teacher can mix the use of traditional teaching and learning methods with some components of this software.

24/7 English For Teachers

Language basics are presented in the form of entertaining and exciting materials, introducing grammar and vocabulary in a fun and interactive way.

24/7 English For Students

Use interactive tools such as the voice tool and speech analysis to compare your skills with native speakers.


  • Extensive vocabulary development
  • Integrated skills training through activity sequences
  • Rich language material corresponding to 80 hours of intensive learning per level
  • Intelligent performance tracking to record progress and suggest areas for revision
  • Integrated speech recognition capabilities
  • The course can be tailored to the needs of mixed-ability classes
  • Thousands of interactive activities, recordings, photos and drawings, videos and animations
  • Hundreds of dialogues and stories

Additional Tool Programs

  • Words
    • All the words on the page can be translated and their pronunciation given.
  • Dictionary
    • Words can be organised alphabetically or in the same order as they are introduced in the course. Descriptions appear as in a printed dictionary.
  • Phrases
    • Expressions commonly used in English; the program includes around 300 phrases.
  • Grammar
    • Summarises all grammar rules introduced in the course. Short and essential topics with audio examples create an outstanding reference source for English grammar.
  • Voice Print
    • The quickest way to learn correct pronunciation. Speech signal analysis allows the comparison of the user’s pronunciation and recordings by a native speaker. The mistakes made are presented by various graphs.
  • Speech recognition system
    • Facilitates pronunciation and speaking practice. The course uses phrases recorded by a native speaker. The student records his version and is given marks for the pronunciation. The marks can be presented by different graphs, so the student knows what exactly he should improve upon.
  • Open exercises
    • The course allows students to write their own text and documents, which are checked by the teacher.

Minimum Requirements

  • Windows 9x/Me/2000/XP
  • 300MB space, 128MB RAM, IE 5.5
  • Speakers & Microphone

You can purchase our English Online Learning by contacting our e-learning provider here.

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