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Summaries of the Chapters in “The Pearl”
The summaries of the chapters in the novel provide the events that take place and how the characters react to the situations or circumstances. Through the reactions of the characters we will be able to form opinions on the nature of the characters (their personalities and how they behave when they face problems).

Summary for Chapter One

The Start of a New Day
The story unfolds in the fishing village. Kino and Juana wake up to the start of a new day. Kino listens to the splashing morning waves while Juana prepares breakfast for the family.  Coyotito, their only son, sleeps in a hanging box. Kino walks out from his brush house to watch the dawn. Meanwhile, Juana takes Coyotito out from the hanging box, cleans him and places him close to her breast, and sings an ancient song softly. She puts Coyotito into the hanging box. Both Kino and Juana eat their breakfast.

The Scorpion’s Sting
A scorpion moves slowly along the rope that holds the hanging box to the roof. Both Kino and Juana freeze as they notice the scorpion getting closer to their helpless baby. Juana whispers an ancient magic to safeguard her child from evil, while Kino moves stealthily toward the hanging box. Kino gets ready to crush the scorpion with his bare hand. But, with a little movement by Coyotito lying in the hanging box, the rope moves and the scorpion falls. Kino tries to grab the scorpion but fails. The scorpion lands on   Coyotito’s shoulder and stings him. Kino holds the scorpion in his hand and rubs it to a paste. By now, Coyotito cannot stand the pain and cries. Juana holds her child and notices the small hole from the scorpion’s sting. She sucks the spot and spits, without any hesitation. Coyotito continues to scream out of pain and the neighbours from the other brush houses come over to find out why the baby screams. Kino’s brother (Juan Tomas) and his wife (Apolonia) and their four children are present amongst the people. 

The Need for a Doctor
Juana stops sucking the puncture for while. The little hole becomes slightly larger. The villagers know that a scorpion’s sting can make an adult ill. A child may easily die from the scorpion’s sting. Juana realises the dangers of the scorpion’s sting. She requests for a doctor. Kino and the neighbours know that the doctor would not come. Kino tells Juana that the doctor would not come. She insists that they go to him instead.  The neighbours follow Kino and Juana (carrying Coyotito) to see the doctor. Others join the procession to the doctor’s house.

Meeting the Doctor
The procession stops at the big gate of the doctor’s house. The doctor is not of the same race of Kino’s people. The doctor’s race has colonised Kino’s native land and his people for centuries. The doctor’s people treat Kino’s people as though they are simple animals. 

The doctor lives in luxury unlike Kino and his people. A native (servant) appears to answer the knock on the gate. The servant enters the house and informs the doctor that a native Indian boy is stung by a scorpion. The doctor reacts sarcastically and says that he has better things to do than to cure little Indians of insect bites. He insists that he is a doctor and not a veterinarian.

The doctor wants to know if Kino has any money. Kino does not have money for the treatment. He, however, hands over eight small badly-shaped pearls to the servant. The servant returns into the house and comes back. He informs Kino that the doctor is not around. The doctor is away to attend a serious case.

The crowd disperses.  Kino is shameful. He is deeply hurt that the doctor refuses to treat Coyotito.  He shows his anger by boxing the gate.

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