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General Introduction
This poem is written by a woman, about a past love. She is wondering whether her lover is still playing his flute. She misses his flute playing. For some reason she feels guilty thinking of his flute playing and missing it. Nowadays they do not have time to spend time expressing their love, or listening to his music, although the melody from the bamboo flute when played by his fingers using his breath used to strike the deep recesses of her heart.

She wonders if he is still playing the flute as it seems to be such a luxury to be playing it in these present times. This is because conditions in the village have deteriorated so much that playing the flute seems a luxury. Certain things now seems to be luxuries; the poet feels guilty doing them considering these difficult times facing the villagers. These things are sitting idly watching the rain, watching the rays of the sun, collecting the morning dew from plants and enjoying the sweet smell of flowers.

The deterioration of the village has resulted in the rice fields becoming ‘sick’, perhaps not being planted anymore, or not giving good yield. The younger people of the village are unemployed and they are desperate as they have no money and no future. The poet’s lover is suffering the same sad fate,; things have not gone well for him, so perhaps he has stopped playing the flute, The village people have stopped being friendly with one another as they have different political beliefs. People have also been killed without any compassion, perhaps also as a result of politics. She feels the world of the village is now old and dying and hurt and ‘bleeding’.

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