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Moral Values
The poem calls for attention to pain and suffering in a village and for certain people who are responsible (perhaps politicians) to do something about it.

The poem feels sorry for a lifestyle that has been lost and certainly one that should have been preserved. What is good about life in the old days of tradition and family and friends that characterise the typical Malay village should indeed have been preserved.

This traditional setting and values have not been preserved or taken care of. They have fallen into disuse, much like the bamboo flute, which may not be played anymore as is implied.

It also asks us to be wary of change that comes with time and especially with development and for us to be prepared for change and perhaps also change our attitudes and how we respond and adapt to change.

It also tells us that even though people nowadays have not much time, that we should make time for worthwhile pursuits, like music, and flowers, and dewdrops and sitting with friends watching the rain fall and the sun setting.

It tells us to move on and try to get a better life when the old life is no longer possible.

It tells us to be aware of problems in society, such as disunity, cruelty and unemployment.

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