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Repetition, The poet makes use of repetition ‘Are you still playing your flute?’ Repetition is a common poetic device and adds to the strength of the message. The poet is pleading with her lover, please, please don’t stop playing the flute because when you play it we are reminded of happier times when there were few problems in society.

The flute as symbol. The flute is a symbol of comfort and joy as music has this effect on our spirits and mood.

Metaphors. There are several metaphors used. This is when things are spoken of as if they are people.
  • The melody is said to be hidden in the hollow of the flute just waiting to come out the minute someone blows air into the flute.
  • The music is said to be blown straight into the depth of the poet’s heart because it was capable of evoking such emotions.
  • The ‘sick rice field’ as though the field is a person who is ill.
  • The world is old and bleeding, meaning the village has grown old, tired, sick and bleeding, perhaps its natural surroundings have been ravaged by development so much so that it is ‘slaughtered’ and ‘bleeding’.

Free Verse. The poem is written in free verse without rhyme, but it is musical all the same in a few places such as – ‘thinking of you, in the hazard of you’.

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